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Would you give the same advice to a 35 year old who has no idea what to do with their future?

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Since western society is already set up in the way that you're defining enforced monogamy, how would that solve the incel problem? Why is that being pointed toward as a solution if it's just describing how things currently are, because the problem clearly isn't being solved and there seem to be (relatively) large numbers of men who women outright reject--and in many if not most cases, for very good reason.

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I saw you back in 2000 or so at Beale Street Music Festival. I had recently gotten over a break up. The black t-shirt song really made me want my clothes back. You Darren inspired me to go ask for them. Score!

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How do you plan to clone yourself so that there are a few dozen of you?

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Hey, remember that time when you would only smoke Parliaments? Me, too. Hey, remember that time when you were broke? Me, too. I didn't care, I just bummed from my friends.