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It’s so extra

I think this is the first time I've seen this phrase used non-satirically. I'm not sure if I like that I'm already at that age where new slang annoys me.

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Because it's something you subjectively value. There's no scarcity, but that's also true or kindle books, steam games, music and so on. It also took labor and material to create that model and artwork used in games, even though it's only visual.

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Have you read Bryan Caplans "The Myth of the Rational Voter?", and if so, what do you think about it?

Caplan looks at voter behavior through the lens of public choice economics, and argues that from the perspective of the average voter, their seemingly irrational behavior is not that irrational.

The value of a vote is negligible. To the extent that a vote has value, the cost of bad policy is socialized, and the benefits privatized.

At the same time, getting informed is costly. It takes time, and ridding yourself of whatever beliefs you hold that are proven false through study is painful. On the other side, using your beliefs as a shortcut to an identity, or as a way to fit in in your social circle has actual benefits, and it's not costly at all.

Basically, there are good reasons for why people treat politics as a tribal sport, and these reasons are endemic to the incentives found in a democracy.

My question is: How would you overcome these incentives such that evidence based policy has a chance at even coming into play?

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Because we rehabilitate our prisoners. Look up bastøy prison. It's on an island, and the prisoners are pretty much treated like normal people. They all get to do productive shit. The recidivism rate there is 16%, plus, It's an extremely cheap and green prison compared to the cages we normally put them in.

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You should really read up on some Norwegian prisons. Rehabilitation works wonders.