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"Nosferatu is this, sort of Vampire like film, which I did while thinking about fathers and shit." -Herzog The Bro, maybe

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Just don't try to analyze those power structures!!

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Perhaps their dissatisfaction isn't from Public Schools doing something wrong, but rather in the citizens not listening to the correct stories.

We hear over and over how "schools suck" ... and yet never hear about how parents don't spend sufficient time with their kids, how parents expect schools to be nanny, teacher, parent and guard. How parents don't support school staff disciplining and teaching.

Perhaps the public school would do better if they had better funding and parent involvement.

Rather than abandoning a system needing improvement, perhaps uniting an effort to refactor the system might work better in the end.

Personally, when I hear a tech related person going into politics, I immediately hear "libertarian technocrat" who thinks they can fix everything the same way code can be rewritten.

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This is actually almost the definition of how any referential resource should be used.

Whether it's the premier edition of Encyclopedia Britannica, or wikihow.com.

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As a marine biologist, and a DoD civilian, how involved are you in the Navy's use of underwater noise devices (such as sonar) and it's harmful affects on marine life?

Is there any "activism" from within to change these practices, or is the presumption that "it is safe" and not a problem?