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Not OP but China has a gender imbalance due to the stigma of having a girl and the previous population laws there are more men then women. Vietnamese are trafficked more frequently for marriage because they are culturally very similar (from what I read).

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Diagnosed with CML at 23, and went into remission by 26 on Sprycel (Disantinib). Being young helps for sure with this cancer. I'm not a doctor but I've been told by many most our age (under 40) will not be on these meds our whole lives.

The best advice from a doctor I got was to treat it like high blood pressure. If you don't take your meds it'll kill you one day, but not today. Psychologically helped me a lot.

I know this is an AMA, but wanted to chime in.

What led to your diagnosis?

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It is, but that just increases the demand for brides.

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Took me 3 years! Damn good early catch!

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ah yea its fortunate you got blood work. I thought i had a heart issue and was going to skip it but my mom convinced me to check everything. Turns out the heart issue was actually the fact that 99% of my blood cells were F'd up.

Yup discipline is good when it comes to the meds! Hope your counts sink like a lead balloon.

I know these meds are expensive, so just in case you haven't been told about it, many of these drug suppliers offer co-pay assistance in order to stop you from going bankrupt and allowing them to continue collecting insurance payments. For example, Spycel Assist from Bristol-Meyer. It's a life saver and conveniently covers my out of pocket at first refill of the year. If you or your parents (whomever) are paying for it, please look into it.