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I_Smoke_Dust108 karma

It just sounds so strange to read that supplies are insufficient in China, like they make fucking everything.

I_Smoke_Dust68 karma

I literally do not think I could eat it without puking several times. Like at least 10 times.

I_Smoke_Dust18 karma

I agree, that seems to be a common denominator and possibly a reason why the recovery doesn't last long.

I_Smoke_Dust8 karma

Wow, that last part's sad.

I_Smoke_Dust5 karma

Reminds me of how when I couldn't pay my phone bill when I was younger anymore(I was like 13 or 14) my mom just took over my phone and my number. She still uses my number to this day ~13 years later. Actually she took over my PokerStars account as well now that I think about it lol.