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What is going to happen with school funding? Is there anything that will keep band programs from being cut? <Next year will be my senior year, final marching band season, and I am really hoping that we won't have *another* season end badly. Also, I've read things about band programs being cut to help school funding. My band has been the catalyst for personal growth for me, and countless other students. Even certain freshman, who haven't finished a year, have grown so much! I can't imagine life without band. And my band director is an amazing person who always puts his students before himself. I've had days where he sat down and made sure I was doing okay, and I've seen him do that for practically every student. How does anyone know things are going to be okay?>

P.S. Thank you for not telling everyone in Colorado to inject bleach! Also, thank you for leading us in an orderly, consistent fashion.

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