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I_H_S_V20 karma

I saw you comment on the very end of Dexter. Could you please set our minds at ease and let us know that none of the "leaks" are legit?

Did you ever do controlled leaks to throw fans off?

How the hell did you keep Rita's death a secret from everyone else on the show?

Thank you!

I_H_S_V16 karma

Well, one states Quinn becomes the new Dexter, one states Matthews has known everything all along, kills Dexter, and raises Harrison and Harrsion sees a ghost Dexter at the end, and one states that for reasons as of yet unknown, Dexter kills Deb.

Did you actually shoot the false ending or was it enough that it was written in the script?

Would you ever consider doing a screen play for a movie, or is it just too hard to tell your amazing stories in such a limited time?

Thank you so much for the responses!