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Is it common to have a 12 year old girl on public transportation (meaning not a school bus) by herself?

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Are you in a relationship now? Do girls seem to mind that you were a stripper?

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I remember your original AMA and although I knew you were telling the truth, a part of me wanted to believe it was an isolated and exaggerated incident. My mind was changed when one day I asked a couple of sheriffs why so many people were being arrested for pubic intoxication and trespassing. I was curious because most of them were known to have a mental illness and some of them, we all know, were never intoxicated. They confirmed what I had said but decided that I needed to experience it to understand it. And for just a brief, but pants shitting moment, they proceeded to "arrest me" in order to illustrate what was really going on (they didn't like what was happening either). I quickly found myself saying things like, "just stop for a second" and "I haven't done anything wrong." The scary part is that they quickly countered anything I had to say with such incredible ease. It was a surreal moment and I can only imagine what it was like for the those who are at their mercy. The answer as to why so many were arrested on public intoxication and trespassing was because the arresting officer does not have to present any evidence for the charge. In other words, they can arrest at will and without expaination.