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I'm a board game fanatic, married to a dentist, and I work in the clinic as office manager. Doing something to get away from dental stresses seems very smart!

Since this is an AMA, I should ask a question...

Can you think of anything positive about a dental clinic having to manage 1000 different insurance plans for their patients, and dealing with the expectation that we are experts in every one of them?

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The theme/type isn't really up my alley, but the artwork is fantastic, and I hope that you crush your Kickstarter! Um... I need a question...

When designing a game, how do you decide between using well-known mechanics that make the game easier to "sell" (It has a gotcha! mechanic just like Sorry!) and trying to come up with something unique (See, we've got these widgets that you need to twist asynchronously with the earth's orbit...)?

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Hello, and good luck on your recovery! My son had this done 8 years ago, and it was a great thing for him. Improved his daily living and allowed him to play sports in a way he couldn't before.

I haven't looked at much of this, so maybe it was already mentioned, but did anybody tell you to have a doctor's note when traveling? Sometimes the bar can set off airport security, so we had a surgeon's note in his backpack at all times.

Just an FYI!

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Ha! I think that's a concept that should stay conceptual!

Congrats on what you guys are doing, and good luck in the future!