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Loads of upvotes but nobody is backing 🤔

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I just want to preface with that I do agree with you so I'm not trying to argue. But what do you think about when people compare them to trading cards and the machines in stores that give out random toys? Why are those okay for kids and have been considered acceptable for up to hundreds of years, but they function the same as lootboxes?

Is it just because we're intimidated as a general society by new technology we don't understand and so we are more, perhaps unfairly so, critical of lootboxes? Or maybe cards are the next on the chopping block?

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Did you buy the upvotes on this post to market the kickstarter?

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Do you feel guilty when you break laws yourself?

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Dude I can understand feeling desperate and it's hard to find the right way to say this. But those people will not heal cancer and they just use up your funds.

It won't stop me from donating because I support your ability to decide what course of treatment you should go for. I don't know you so maybe there's a lot more to your considerations than I realize ofc. And I've never had chemo, but I've seen others go through and understand it's hard. Even if you decide to get no treatment at all, that's your choice and I'm with you dude. But I don't think you should let people take your money telling you it's because they'll heal you with shamanism, because that doesn't heal cancer. If it did dude I'd be throwing my money at it and I'd have sent my own grandma there