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Can you tell us more about these irreconcilable differences?

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Hi Allie. You are so talented and I love your work. My favorite piece is the one about Texas. Please don't ever stop writing/drawing.

So here are my questions:

1) Do you ever get recognized when you're out? I mean, you never really write much about going out other than to Safeway...so do the local Hamilton, MT folks say, "Hey Allie, I read your blog and it's great! Mind reaching for that jar of peanut butter for me?"

2) How does Boyfriend feel about your fame and internet fortune?

3) Do you make enough money from H&AH and The Gloss to live comfortably? If not, what is the best thing that your readers can do to make sure you have health insurance, internet, and other necessities in life?

4) Would you consider writing a book? Or a daily comic? If you did, I would buy the book and/or subscribe to the newspaper that published your comic.

5) Do you still run competitively?

Thank you for being awesome!

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Does someone from The Points Guy (and other travel deal sites) subscribe to your premium emails and then just post them for free on their website, where they get ad and kickback revenue? On a scale of 1-10, how much does that make you want to punch them in the face?

Also, how's business? I've been a subscriber for two years now (and took an amazing trip to Spain!).

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How has the feedback been since having the new Queen instead of a King?

How does your production strive to continue to innovate, when you're stuck in Medieval Times? ...I crack myself up sometimes. But really, serious question.