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Here? Everywhere.

Journalism is dead.

It's a good old boys club. Look at how they treat any news outlet that isn't part of their clique. The top X outlets think they basically have ownership of the news, and anyone else reporting on it "can't be trusted" (even though they're the ones who obviously can't be trusted and literally make up news reports from "multiple sources inside the whitehouse"...

They vilify every other news outlet.

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Well what's surprising is that this Reddit thread isn't a leftist orgy yet.

I guess the ActBlue / ShareBlue or whatever shills from /r/politics haven't received word from Corporate yet to get in here and control the conversation.

It's getting dangerous in here. People might get IDEAS.

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/r/politics is Reddit's most shameful sub. They wear the egg on their face.

It's a really dirty tactic that they use, I don't think many people realize how insidious it really is.

They use a neutral subreddit name, but then it's anything but neutral.

They ban anyone and everyone who isn't far left, for saying anything against the narrative.

Because of Reddit's upvote and downvote system, this leads to a large group of people who aren't even allowed inside the building to vote. We can watch from the windows as others vote.

With one group of people dominating the voting and having to be careful what you say at the risk of being banned, many from the other group just don't even bother attending the meetings anymore. It's no fun to go get yelled at for your opinions, and none of your buddies are allowed in to back you up.

So this all creates the illusion that one side is bigger than the other, and encourages mob like behaviour as the people on the "winning team" goad each other on, congratulate each other, back each other up etc.

What's the average person see? They see a neutral sub where one side is massive, the other side is tiny, and they win every "argument". If there's an argument they aren't going to win, well then the mods just delete the argument altogether.

It's really gross, and Reddit should do something about it. Just rename the sub. That's all they have to do.

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Your title says you want to re-spend money that's already been spent...

Is that physically possible? What form of economics does that fall under?

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Swalwell? The guy who said yesterday he plans to buy back everyone's guns and jail anyone who doesn't comply?

That guy?