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I currently make $14.25/hr plus full benefits (medical, dental, vision, life). The company also provides every associate with paid vacation hours which are accrued and shown on each pay stub. It's a great place to work. Management is very flexible with hours, which is great because I am finishing up college.

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No I can't tell. I don't really care where you eat it. We ask that question in order to determine how your order will be packaged (open box for eat in, bag to-go). You'd be surprised how often this question confuses people.

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I agree. Fries that are not hot are not good fries.

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The 'secret menu' is a novelty idea. A genius idea from a marketing standpoint. The 'secret menu' is online at the INO website. Pretty much everything on there is modifications we can make to a burger using the ingredients we have. We can pretty much do anything that a customer requests within reason. We cannot do things like put tomatoes or ketchup on the grill for allergy reasons.

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There's no seniority at INO. It's a competition to be the best at what you do. I was a level 7 after working for the company for 1.5 years. If you're dedicated to what you do you will be given opportunity to move up.