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Back to the moon, get our shit together, go to Mars.

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Since Mars doesn't have a magnetic field, how do you protect Curiosity from space weather?

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I like, "You have to hire [job], [job], [job], and Stan."

I wanna be Stan when I grow up.

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That's interesting. So the law simply serves to allow patients to get medical advice on how to do it/obtain drugs from a pharmacy?

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I really recommend National Novel Writing Month.

I did the challenge when I was 17 and in the same situation as you (plot spinning around in my head for years), and I ended up with a decent 50,000-word novella. It's a great way to kick yourself into writing if you already have a story you want to tell.

(Fun fact, I also talked about NaNoWriMo in one of those more feely-type questions on a job application, and my boss mentioned it when we first met. So NaNoWriMo actually helped me get my first writing job!)