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Awesome! I just spent a year in Australia and loved it. I only got to spend a month roadtripping the outback/bush but it was a nice contrasting experience vs the coast.

What kind of foods did you guys eat growing up? As in, I assume you went to the supermarket or grew your own foods, but did you ever go out to look for bush foods?

Where in Australia did you guys move to?

There's a lot more stories and exhibits on the aboriginal culture in NT, did you live near other aboriginals? I've never really fully understood what they meant when they said they 'lived in the bush' or are 'going back to the bush'. Forgive my ignorance, but when I read that I kept imagining them literally living in the bush (no shed, no cover).

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Yay! How does the actual writing work? I've always been curious about it. After watching 30 Rock, I always imagine the writers sitting in a crammed room with lots of food and feeding ideas off of each other. Is it like that?

And you've been doing this for a long time - how have things changed? What do you think of new sitcoms like Modern Family?

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Duuuude! So weird. I remember your username for some reason - you must have posted in the /r/hongkong thread a few years ago and I vaguely remember your other AMA. BUT YOU WEREN'T MARRIED AND YOU DIDN'T HAVE A KID YET (this is so weird/creepy that I remember this...) Congrats on all the changes -- I vaguely remember back then you were still dating around/your students or something?? So nice to see an update!