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Hi! I am interested in being a corrections officer at a prison and was hoping to ask a couple of questions. :)

  • Did you need any sort of degree to obtain this career? (I am currently in the midst of getting a criminology degree)
  • Is there a type of test, or fitness test you need to complete? (I am slightly overweight and want to know if I should start getting into better shape)
  • If there's something about your job I should be warned about, what would it be? (I am female)

IKnewYouWereTrouble71 karma

But if you were born without them, all little kids go to the doctors to get shots and check ups and stuff. Even if they never saw your junk, they would still know that you were born without testicles when they saw you for the first time and therefore put it in your file.

At least that's what I think.

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Do female corrections officers get treated with less respect by inmates or about the same? What did you have to do in order to become a corrections officer? (Ex. Fitness test) I am a 19 year old female debating whether to do this as a living, any information or tips would be helpful!

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I suppose that's what happens when I'm Canadian and going to the doctor once a month.

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When you're born, they'll obviously see that there aren't any testicles. So wouldn't they put that in the file?

I'm a girl so I don't know these things. But that's just me assuming.