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To quote one of Naked News' segments - OH SNAP!

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And you didn't write it?

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Naked News is a legit news source. I've watched for years. National and international news segments, sports, entertainment, etc. I got info on the Algerian hostage situation yesterday, for example. I can see naked women on a million webpages. Naked News isn't like that

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I would dispute your use of the word "fact", since it's opinion. I'm certainly not a nudity fetishist. "Novel" just means new and different, and that's fairly true - though the show's over 10 years old now. Naked News is a way to get updated in a different way from the usual 6 O'Clock News. The women are interesting, smart, and personable, and the show's fun. As Kat says, it's not winning Nobels or Pulitzers, but I get a daily update that I enjoy.