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Get ahold of the actor that plays the mountain on Game of Thrones. Forgot how to spell his name. Send him a pair and ask him to record himself trying to tear it.

Should prove your point quiet effortlessly.

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As someone who smoked for 19 years, before switching to vaping, I wish we could get rid of all the anti vape non sense backed by big tobacco, and start funding more research into their effects by credible sources. I've been cigarette free for 2 years and currently sit at a 3mg nicotine vape. I feel extremely better, all my biometrics have gone down with very minimal diet changes, and my sense of smell and taste are through the roof now, but most importantly I can actually breathe and don't cough anymore.

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Archer reference. It's a show.

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Assuming he was talking about the ( I come in whenever I want).

Not the best attempt, but Archer is pretty silly, soo. Lol