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IFightForTheLosers146 karma

You're a superb artist with a style so distinct I can usually recognize your work any time I hear it! The soundtrack for Vagrant Story is still my favorite soundtrack of all time, so I'd like some insight into your work.

  1. What is your process when you start a new soundtrack?

  2. Did you have a favorite collaboration? If so, what did you enjoy so much about it?

  3. Your soundtracks are very orchestral, have you been influenced by any classical artist in particular?


IFightForTheLosers3 karma

I loved that Panthro, I thought it was hella realistic, small as it was. It's actually probably my favorite VFX to date, it was so unexpected.

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Hello Mr Carter, I hope you're still around, I've been looking forward to this AMA for days but I was stuck in a lab until now. I've been a huge fan of the X-Files since the original run and now that I'm rewatching it again and rediscovering again what a fantastic series it was (and still is!), I would like to ask you this:

Did you ever regret continuing the show after David Duchovny largely left the show at the end of season 7?

IFightForTheLosers2 karma

Sure did! To be honest, the toy impressed me more than all the other VFX on the show to date, probably because I'm so used to seeing various monsters on tv shows like Once Upon a Time that trolls and tentacles are pretty much par for the course (although they were really great-looking!). But moving toys, that's something you don't see in every show. There really was that split-second of wondering if they somehow did stop-motion with an action figure until the face changed. As a former 3D artist, I really appreciated how real and effective that little figurine was, kudos!