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IFartOnHipsters13 karma

Dude as someone who used to smoke a lot in high school (joined the military after so had to stop) reading your story and comments makes me feel good man. Although I don't smoke anymore, I'm still a weed advocate and I'm glad that your sentence was reduced. Hearing how you turned your life around is great man, it makes me wish that a friend of mine would do the same thing but unfortunately this kid is long gone. It's sad because we used to be best friends. We'd hang out all the time, smoke and write music. The dude had talent. Unfortunately he got involved with the wrong people and the wrong drugs and now he's lost. I know that I'm rambling my friend I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading this story's happy ending.

IFartOnHipsters9 karma

I'd just like to say it's great to see a man of science in politics. Unfortunately it's a rarity and if more political decisions were based on scientific evidence instead of political push, I believe this country could do amazing things. Send some of your friends to Connecticut!! Haha

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I hear ya man. Haha I feel the same way, when I got back from bootcamp, I hung around the same people but all of a sudden wasn't doing the same things. It took a while to get used to but for the most part, they got that I wasn't into it anymore and left it at that. I appreciate the response dude. Best of luck to you.