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Is it a bit too far out to get connected to cellular networks? I do appreciate that your doing an AMA, even at the cost of $10/GB, but no cheaper option? :(

They shouldn’t really bill staff like that, especially if they aren’t being paid.

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So basically the degree is from Dominican University as Make School itself isn’t accredited but since Dominican University issues or backs the degree, the degree itself is accredited?

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Darn! And I don't suppose the carriers in the states do the same as the ones here in Canada (but then... usually the rates are way more expensive here) and waive all the roaming fees?
If the carrier waives all roaming charges temporarily (but I think it expired a week back for us), is there a roaming cellular network onboard?

You'll think they wouldn't charge for it, as it doesn't really cost them much to transmit the data, just cost of maintaining the infrastructure...

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Keep in mind, China has a very active black market for organs. They kill political prisoners for transplants within the country, usually very very quickly (like hardly a noticeable waiting list).

Google it, there's plenty of articles :)

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How confident are you that the UK will have a trade deal for brexit by the end of the year, to avoid hard brexit?