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The brain have to poop.

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I'm trying to digest this whole AMA. You seem to take a lot of pride in your lifestyle but the lifestyle you chose isn't a requirement for a homestead. The homestead is just a tax break that gives a mild $15k break on the taxable value of your property. So the heart of the AMA seems to be more about your lifestyle choice than the "homestead" per se.

You obviously take a lot of pride in eschewing a lot of modern technology to live a more rigorous lifestyle. What makes guns the exception to your values? Like, you won't give your kid a tablet and don't use modern banking and want to make your own food and build your own makeshift barn, you use wood burning instead of HVAC and dig wells manually. But you have no trouble keeping a whole arsenal of weapons created with high-tech industrial methods to "skull-fuck" animals with if need be? You don't see this as intellectually inconsistent?

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A rifle or musket, no. AR-15’s definitely are. At least as modern as plumbing and HVAC or better tools to build a decent barn.

That’s what I’m trying to discern. What exactly is the underlying ideology around what’s acceptable and what isn’t. I can’t find a consistent theme here.

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Yeah, no, the solar panels are another. Definitely. So what’s makes guns and solar panels the exception?