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Mr Pegg- Like many fans of your work, I love your writing and your acting. It's easy to quote with friends, fun to imitate your delivery. But something else happened when I saw THE WORLD'S END. I sat in the theater with my friends, and when Gary King argued with Andy over that last pint, something clicked and I felt awful. I felt embarrassed. I wanted to slink out of the cinema.

There have been tons of movies about substance abuse, either with that subject being the main plot point, or a very important B-plot. I don't know why none of them triggered it, (or why a real-life event didn't trigger it.) For some reason, it took your film with aliens that spurt blue stuff to make me go "Oh my god, I might have a problem." It seems so damn obvious in retrospect - that time in college I wound up in the ER, that time in my 20's when I crashed my car, etc - but I never connected the events in my head. You would think with the rampant narcissism of the social media age, I would have twigged that all these bad things happen when I drink, but I simply didn't. Instead, I thought they were all separate one-offs. I thought I totally had my shit together.

WORLD'S END was not some after school special, and I'm not trying to pile that status onto your work. It was a fantastically-written kinetic comedy. For me, it also had the unexpected effect of making me finally realize I'm a 30-something year old woman with a husband and responsibilities, and I can't keep fucking going on like this.

I apologize for the length of that (man, speaking of narcissism), but if I ever got the chance to meet you, Mr Pegg, it was the thing I always wanted to say - Thank you, from the bottom of my awkwardly sincere heart, for WORLD'S END. You and those glowy-light aliens triggered perhaps the most important change I've made in my life.

And because Reddit dictates that we must have a question: Is there anything you can tell us about your new movie you're writing with Edgar Wright?

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Mr Yankovic -

I have been to a few of your concerts (even meeting a future boyfriend at one), and I was always in awe of your energy. Not only are your concerts long and your performances exciting, but you have so many costume changes.

My question - What do you to get yourself ready for your live appearances? Is there a workout routine? Special diet? Vow of silence like Celine Dion?

(And a huge thank you, Mr Yankovic, for being a huge part of my childhood, teenage years, and now.)

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Mr Serafinowicz -

The way you say "Fran" in your episode of Black Books might be my favourite delivery of a line, ever.

Any chance you'll be in the next Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg joint?

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Thank you for your answer, Mr Pegg. And I look forward to whatever you two come up with.

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Mr Serafinowicz

Any plans to bring "Look Around You" to US Netflix Instant?