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Okay also, why spend the money on electric scooters and not normal ones. Couldn’t you make more of an impact and the results be less hazardous (have you seen the news about the number of electric scooter injuries?)

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The cooking industry is well known for its “work myself to death” sort of culture. How do you handle this in your restaurant?

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Tossed food isn’t just wasted for people to eat. Food in landfills doesn’t properly compost, and actually adds to the climate problem by producing methane.

It’s also a waste of resources, like land and water to grow the food, and gas to transport it.

Food waste isn’t just about feeding people, it’s about a failing system as a whole that is contributing to climate change.

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See, I'm a personal fan of "COCAAAAINE!!"

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Nutrition student here:

A diet doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss! You can eat a specific set of foods and still gain/lose/maintain weight depending on how much of those foods you eat (hoe many calories).

Elimination diets for allergies are like a trial and error sort of thing, where you start with a super limited diet (but eat enough that you get what you need) and slowly add one thing in at a time and see what happens.