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IAmTheComedianII1347 karma

I have vitiligo and I find my white spots get horribly sun burned in no time at all, even with max SPF sunscreen.

I can imagine this being a daily battle for you, but obviously on much larger scale and to a deeper degree. What methods have worked for you?

IAmTheComedianII535 karma

Reapplying every hour takes some serious diligence. Usually I shoot for every two but again my difficulties are of an order of magnitude less than yours. To be honest, limiting exposure time works best for me. It looks like neither of us will get the miracle solution we hoped for, haha.

There are times in full sun when I swear I can feel my skin actually sizzling! I've also found that I should avoid being on sand, snow, or on the water for extended periods since the reflected light seems to burn me twice as fast.

Good luck and keep fighting the good fight!