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Some quick notes from our friends at TruePic:

General Anonymity Tips While Using Truepic: 

If users would like to increase their Truepic anonymity beyond current traditional social media standards, follow these four simple steps:

1- Sign up for Truepic app with generic or dummy email address. Truepic does not verify the user; it only verifies the image captured.

2- Don’t use your real name as a username, unless you want your photos to be watermarked with your name.

3- Only capture images/videos in public places (avoid capturing images at your residence, business etc..).

4- Use VPN to add an extra layer of encryption to your data.

The tips above are merely suggestions for improving anonymity while using the Truepic app and are in no way a comprehensive guide to internet anonymity/privacy.  Every user should evaluate his or her own situation and take those measures they deem necessary for their privacy and safety.

Note: It is important to note that Truepic does NOT sell, share, or monetize use data in any way.

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The geo data is pretty vague - covers a range of a few miles. Just lets people confirm the OP is in the area.

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It’s verified.

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> TruePic has informally partnered with the Moderator team for IAMA for over a year help us verify AMAs. We're not paying them, they're not paying us. We have confirmed that none of the mods has any sort of personal or professional relationship with anyone at, or related to, Truepic. The relationship grew after they approached us about helping with verifying AMAs. We're just making use of their very useful technology, and they're hoping to show off their product to the world by helping us catch fake proof and even allowing us to verify otherwise unverifiable AMAs. If anyone knows of a similar app that would allow proof verification in the same way, we'd be happy to add that to our list of accepted proof.

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