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Hypergnostic10 karma

Do you believe that people have the right to (unlimited) reproduction?

Hypergnostic1 karma

Do you truly want security measures to be increased to the point where it is (somehow) actually not possible for people to use force against one another? Do you not believe that people who are very motivated will find ways to exercise their violent options regardless of whether it is being made difficult? You stated your goals but I feel your intent is still unclear.

Hypergnostic-1 karma

Obviously appearances matter, and your multiple interests revolve around that, but I am always fascinated by nature's tendency to deception and display. Do appearances really matter? Are appearances primarily a communication (true or false) or do you feel they truly indicate things about a creature?

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Animals use display to attract mates/assert their worthiness. Do you think that display truly betokens worthiness or is it a way of tricking creatures whose neurons are set to respond in a certain way? Are girls with "hot bodies" in bikinis supposed to be regarded as beautiful? Are male peacocks with great plumage the best mates? Is the beauty system in nature an indication of real value or a false front, or is there no difference and it does not matter?