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Greetings Chef Ramsay, and welcome to Reddit! I'm absolutely honored to have an opportunity to ask you a question or two. My dream is to have my own kitchen one day, and I'm trying my hardest and working my ass off as a prep cook right now. Anyways, I'm a huge fan of your cooking, and have been watching you on television since I was a child, so I'd love your input on a couple things:

  1. What's the biggest piece of advice you can give a young, aspiring chef?

  2. This is a harder question to ask, but I would really love your input on it if you can spare it; I've been pretty severally allergic to dairy and eggs my whole life. I've learned to cook with them at work, but obviously I don't use them at home because they would kill me. Do you feel that it's worth trying to find and fabricate milk, cream, egg, and cheese substitutes? Or do you think that those things would be impossible to truly "replicate" and that I should focus on developing recipes that are delicious without needing those elements?

Thank you, Chef!

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Good afternoon Mr. Pascal! First off, I wanted to say that you have been doing a terrific job this season so far in game of thrones. I've heard that you are a fan of the show as well! As a fan, what has been your favorite thing about being able to work on the show? Also, have you had any memorable moments behind-the-scenes with other cast members?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

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Thank you for the response! I've actually been using Just Mayo for awhile now, and it's the only "mayo" type product I actually enjoy eating. It's nice to know that you think it tastes great, too :)

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Have your family ever thought of sending her to camp? For a couple years, I went to this camp where I would be paired up with individuals who were mentally and/or physically disabled. They provided us training, and had the ability to meet a wide variety of needs, including your sisters.