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That’s awesome! (I think everybody would like Baron puppies lol). What dog(s) is currently larger than Baron? And do you know how much he’s grown say in the last year?

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Are the owners at all interested in breeding him?

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Impeccable timing as this very vocation just came under my radar as something I find interesting and possibly would like to make a career out of. I apologize for being a day late and for the multitude of questions (if you’re still I’ll up to answering them) Here it goes:

How would you suggest getting into the field? Trade school perhaps? I believe you said in the comments you didn’t go to school so I’m wondering how you got involved in the field?

How much schooling would be necessary before being able to find a job?

Do you work solely on one farm? If that’s the case, how large is the farm?

Doing this in the Midwest, do you have to travel often (about how much driving a week)?

What are the working hours like? Typical 9-5?

How many other people are usually working with you in a day?

Do you have a uniform or preferred attire?

I’ve probably got more but I’ll leave it at that for now. Feel free to link me to prior comments you’ve made for redundancies sake. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!