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Penis enlargement doesn't actually exist.

The proof of this is in porn. There are porn actresses with truly gigantic and clearly fake breasts because breast augmentation is possible to do.

If penis enlargement really did exist you'd see it in porn. You'd see porn actors who are tripods.

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Planting trees is great! I'm all for that.

Its everything else about this that sounds ridiculous. It sounds like this person is just buying blank t-shirts and hoodies from factories in China and then having logos printed on them.

Using borderline slave labor with coal powered factories and shipping things on bunker fuel powered freighters to the other side of the planet isn't even close to being green. Having a custom logo with a tree printed on this t-shirt doesn't make it green.

This is greenwashing at best.

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Eat plants.

Eating animals and animal products is resource intensive. Eating plants is much easier on the environment, and also requires less land for agriculture.

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Trump certainly seems to be reluctant to spill blood. A trade war is one thing, a shooting war is something else entirely. He pulled back from striking Iran at the last moment because he couldn't stomach the casualty estimates. As CiC he would have been directly responsible for the deaths of dozens of people. Perhaps hundreds.

A national leader who's blood shy is a good thing! For all of his many, many, many faults, at least he isn't bloodthirsty.

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Can you work blockchain and AI in there? Those buzzwords are all the rage these days.