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I strive to not pass judgements on other's beliefs, but years ago when I was a summer camp counselor, we had a "Halloween in Summer" day, where the kids could come to camp in costume. I had a little boy (6 years old) who was a Jehova's Witness, and he was scared to the point of crying the day before that he would have to come to camp on "Halloween," because of course that wasn't allowed in his religion. I felt so bad for that little boy that something that was a fun, frivolous occasion (and not even a real holiday, just a camp event!) caused him so much distress.

There's a lot to celebrate in the world, I hope you enjoy doing it!

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Since you reference Black Mirror, I'm sure you're already aware that technology like what you are developing has the potential for malicious use. One of John Oliver's recent shows focused on facial recognition software, a similar technology with similar potential for abuse, and the irresponsibility of those currently in control of it. What do you think about the potential for governments and other institutions of power to use this technology to censor images that aren't disturbing, but that they simply don't want people to see? What plans do you have for ensuring your technology doesn't get used for censorship?

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I've never heard of this prohibition. What qualifies as "blood?"

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Hey Mr. Parker! I was pleased to discover that you were part of Herbie Hancock's band for a period of time. How did you hook up with that group, and how was it different working for Herbie compared to the other big pop acts you were playing with?

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No, they let you sit in there for free because of your hard work and merits.