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I’m expecting in June, 4 years ago I had a breast reduction (lollipop procedure) I’ve been told by my doctors that I may be able to breast feed but it’s unlikely. Do you have any insight into breast feeding post reduction?

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Thank you for speaking plainly and for your support. I’ve been crying on and off since we found out, asking myself what I could have done better, how I can help this kid, and balling at every picture a friend shares of their perfect baby fresh into the world, knowing I won’t have that moment. So thank you, because honestly I haven’t known how or who to speak to about these things.

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Our baby was diagnosed in utero (we’re due in June) with a left side cleft lip, it isn’t impacting the nose so they think it’s very small and only on one side. I’m terrified though. We’re hoping it’s just one surgery, but what are the odds our kid can grow up looking normal? How far has cleft lip surgery come over the years? Anything you can share is helpful. Also we’re in Vancouver. Would you happen to have heard anything about BC Children’s vs Sick Kids? I want to get the best possible plastic surgeon and we’re willing to move back to Ontario if the doctors are better.

Also, we were told that there’s a 90% chance the cleft lip is the only issue but there’s a 10% chance that there may be something else genetically wrong. I’m currently waiting for the results of the amniocentesis. Do you have any experience working with parents in these situations? I’m trying to hold hope with that 90% chance that there’s nothing else going on but I’m also terrified.

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Thank you so much for this.