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Hi Gillian and David, I'm pretty fucking excited to get this opportunity to communicate with you both! Goes without saying that I'm a massive fan of the two of you and a lot of the work you've done, but the character portrayals of yours closest to my heart will always be as Mulder and Scully. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you'd like!

  • I'm currently re-watching the whole series with my girlfriend (who is also a huge fan) and just recently I was curious to know if the two of you have any favourite episodes of the X-Files that you remember particularly fondly?

  • Considering the massive success of the X-Files and the hardcore fandom surrounding the show, do you ever feel as though it over-shadows your efforts in other projects and does this bother you?

  • Gillian, did you eat that cricket in the episode Humbug?

  • Is Mitch Pileggi just a giant cuddly teddy bear in real life?

  • In your own opinion, did Mulder and Scully have a hidden sexual relationship during the series? Actually this question isn't optional.

Thanks a lot for everything. Best of wishes to the two of you in your professional and your private lives. And if you're ever in Sweden, let me buy you a drink! PS. Gillian, you (and a little Kate Winslet in Titanic) are the main reason why I'm so fond of redheads; and as not to be sexist, I've got a total man crush on you as well David!

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Unless analyzing gives you enjoyment!

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Hi there Spencer, great to see you doing an AMA!

  • Me and my friends have never played D&D but I recently convinced them to give it a try so in about a month I will be DMing for them for the first time in my life. I've been reading up on it as much as I can but any little practical tips you may have for an aspiring DM would be much appreciated!

  • I understand you were running a version of 3.5 and/or pathfinder back in the Harmontown D&D-days. Do you have any experience with and/or opinions of 5th edition?

  • Do you ever get to play a character in D&D yourself and do you have a favourite race/class combo?

  • How would you feel about bringing the Harmontown gang over to Sweden for a live show?