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It seems as if you are competing in a very saturated market. Instead of simply competing on design/quality, you now have to also compete on level of sustainability and proof of sustainability. There are a ton of clothing companies doing the same thing and it seems like a steeply uphill battle. Reading comments, it sounds like everyone agrees there is a ton of inventory waste in the clothing industry. Have you considered simply purchasing dead stock and redesigning those materials? To me, that sounds like a fresh take and you wouldn’t have to prove offsets, which are highly controversial anyway. I know there was a company in LA buying dead denim stock and redesigning it custom, but that is the only company in that area of which I’m aware.

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Couldn’t agree more. Also I guess I thought there would be more introspection and accountability gained from this experience. Seduced just seems like a person making their case to avoid charges. Not sure whether India is still facing criminal charges, but Seduction feels like a PR coordinated doc. “Allison MAC told me to...” lip tremble, “Keith made me...” sniff The insidious thing about NXIVM is that it leveraged people’s desire for financial success by dangling Coach (or Proctor?) level where money could roll in. However, these people who stayed with it to pull themselves up the ranks are still accountable. You may have lost yourself, but it’s still your own fault. I hope the government claws back all of the profits that were paid to various NXIVM members.

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I was rooting for you until this statement. “Google says you can smell the danger indicated. We didn’t smell the danger indicated, so safe!” I’d suggest you wrap this up quickly, delete username before comments pile on and this becomes the first google search of your product. You may have put lots of research into this, but the way you present it sounds like you’re trying to make a quick buck off of fear by something not proven to work and potentially risking health in the process.

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Pictures will be explained away or somehow written of as fake disinformation along with any emails or other evidence. However, apparently all anyone needs to assert is its indelible on their hippocampus for incontrovertible proof. Laughably hypocritical.

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Do you have the same concern when someone challenges the legitimacy of a presidency? Would you have the same concerns if it were to come to light that persons involved in the Biden campaign were being wiretapped? How about if the foundations of that wiretap were rooted in a dossier tied to a foreign government? Would you think this may be one of the most successful disinformation campaigns in recent history? Was the Steele dossier something you would consider disinformation?