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  1. We met her old college buddies in Tianjin early on in our trip. As typical of a multi language relationship I was the last to know it was also a baby shower but thankfully we brought an appropriate gift for the baby. The kid was super cute and wasn’t scared of the white guy. (Me)

While the ladies all hung out and refused to slow down their Chinese for the training wheels foreigner, her friends husband and I had a lot of fun talking about LoL. We shared videos and language.

I enjoy languages and games a lot.

  1. I’m only 29 so no :/

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No, but my wife is only a green card holder. She didn’t want to relinquish her Chinese citizenship. So not sure how that would play out at an Embassy. Plus Americans to my knowledge are only being “rescued” inside Wuhan. We’re in Heze, Shandong

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Her little brother literally gave me his cold my first day here. So at first I was super paranoid. My wife had a fever for 4 days off and on and all the wrong symptoms too.

But I’m pretty much fully healed, just some stuffy nose issues now. My wife just has a left over cough. We think she contracted the flu just before leaving the States because I had my flu shot and she hadn’t.

So I was scared at first, but now, not really. Only paranoid one of us might cough at the airport and get quarantined..

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I’ve been updating my family and friends daily on FB. I’ll just copy/paste today’s update:

“It’s day 5 of being stuck inside the house.

5 days since the severity of the Wuhan strain of the Coronavirus first broke news.

On the 23rd there were 400 cases reported and 17 deaths. A death rate of 4.25%.

Now on Jan 28th there are over 4,000 cases, and 106 people have died. A death rate of 2.65%.

If you are young, have no history of respiratory illnesses, this virus isn’t a threat to you in its current mutation.

However it is because all countries have elderly and people susceptible to this disease that it is causing such a stir.

There is speculation that the R0 is up from 1.4-2.5 to 5.4. Meaning that the virus is becoming more virulent. (An infected person can spread it to X amount of people before no longer being contagious.)

Additional speculation suggests that the virus can survive on dead surfaces for some time without a host. This is suggested by the preventative measures China is currently employing.

These 2 tidbits have not been verified by WHO or ECDC. However it’s worth noting that WHO has sent representatives to China within the last few days and we will be getting more concrete information soon.

Mongolia appears to be the First Nation to close its borders to China in the wake of this growing concern.

EDIT: For anyone using YT or a North American news site to get your information on what’s going on here, do your due diligence. I was told in the comments below with an official citation that someone working in China was claiming over 90,000 people had been infected. However if you can speak Mandarin (你好!) and translate the video correctly, you will find that no such assertion has been made yet. Please do not get clickbaited. There is a difference between someone with something important to say and someone trying to get more cash per click.

That’s all I got for you today folks”

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Local news is advising everyone to stay inside. Douyin (chinese version of TikTok) is meming hard about “villages” blocking entry of anyone into their cities without the right plates.

My brother in law and his wife and child just attempted to return to their home and they refused to let the husband in because his ID card shows he’s not from there. So I can tell you that Chinese citizens are taking this very seriously.

My wife thinks is scary and hopes she doesn’t cough at the airport