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Huitzilopostlian93 karma

You think their crazy but you like them a lot?

Huitzilopostlian54 karma

At work,like the rest of us!

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Wolf of wallstreet keeps sounding better and better, gotta get around to finally watch it.

Huitzilopostlian36 karma

Unless they ment Crocodile, it would be Iguana, which means Lizzard. But Jay already knew this, being Mexican and all....

Huitzilopostlian23 karma

The party raid scene, light on, lieutenant Jim Dangle in the middle of the gay party and he goes "I'm here undercover!" and jones goes, "isn't this your off day??"... I laughed so dam hard my brother came to see what was up, long story short he got hooked on the show too.