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I work outside year round. The heat makes you feel like you are being smothered. But the cold.....the cold makes you feel like you are being eaten by rabid badgers. There is nothing quite as painful or as uncomfortable as extreme cold.

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I'm saving this.

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You gotta make sure it doesn't smell like fish.

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Can wearing a hat every day cause hair loss?

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That's reckless. I get where you're coming from, but I wouldnt be so quick to wish for your world to end just to injure china.

Living your lives in peace and keeping the rights you have are the most important things. Sacrificing yourselves won't help that cause.

If the Chinese government does send troops in, and Hong Kong does fall, China will recover in time. But the way you live your life will be over.

Keep doing what you are doing. It's the right thing to do. But don't be so quick to invite war into your city.