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As a therapist, first I am so sorry you had to go through all of this, it's awful. Second, I'm curious why it took so long to convince the professionals that you weren't schizophrenic. How many assessments were done? Did you see a licensed psychologist? I feel appalled-- if the proper assessments and testing were done it shouldn't have taken so long to prove your mental status. Maybe I'm missing part of the story-- but either way I'm glad everything turned out as good as it could be for you now.

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I'm a therapist and just have a general question--the psych hospitals in my state don't let patients bring in laptops/cell phones so they can focus on recovery and not be influenced by things such as (bad influence) friends contacting them and whatnot...do they just allow technology for you guys or is it a privilege you're granted?

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Yup, counselor here and I agree--but in wondering if she's talking about the amount of CEUs she needs to maintain? I need 40 every two years in my state for my CADC. But yes to even be certified and licensed it took over 200 drug/alcohol hours plus about 1500-2000 for licensure.

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I'm psychotherapist who has had success with helping those with this compulsive behavior...it can be treated if you're ready! You just have to have an open mind and patience :)

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That's nice, I'm sure it's a good distraction from the chaos!