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Please try and have a career first & then think about politics.

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From what little I know about Syria, prior to ‘the trouble’ it was a decent place to live right?

Do you foresee your countrymen that have been forced to leave wanting to return? My little town in England has taken in 50 families and while I have no problem with that, I wonder how long they’ll stay. That is to say, would they be more likely to return to a country that was pretty good previously?

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Please do a bit of buffing up on the history of state visits.

I'm not total against a visit but it should be conducted inline with historical precedent.

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3) I want to like the LibDems, really I do. I can't shake the feeling that they should be helping organising a church's jumble sale rather than the country.

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I think to the vast majority of people that's exactly what it was about.