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Mr. Kidd, congratulations on your success and I am glad justice finally prevailed. Good luck to you on your new life.

Mr. O’Brien, as head of the KC public defender, can you elaborate a little bit on what failures of the system contributed to this error? I am sure it was discussed in the podcast, but for the purposes of this AMA, it would be helpful to know a little bit more.

I used to work in the superior court system in Seattle, and I knew many of the attorneys who worked in the three public defender agencies. They were extremely dedicated, qualified, and caring of their clients. I hate to hear people disparage public defenders, although I know that it’s often the case in some jurisdictions where private attorneys with little to no criminal experience get assigned PD work on a contract basis. Was Mr. Kidd’s trial lawyer a case of the former or the latter?

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As someone who has been waiting 4 years for a transplant and who is looking at another 2-3 years for a cadaveric kidney, I applaud you for making this donation without even a friend requesting you to do so. I hope your story will inspire others to donate.

Thank you also for the details of your recovery. I have one friend who has expressed a willingness to donate but I have been fearful of pursuing that because of the perception that it is so painful and stressful for the donor. If I can offer these details then I will feel better that he made an informed decision.

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You must have been shitting bricks there for a while.

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Ok, now I’m confused because the Dome of the Rock is a Muslim shrine. Why would his temple mimic that?