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Not OP, but FWIW: My company sells via Amazon Prime. Our warehouse is maybe 2/3 the size of the local Amazon warehouse and there is 0 difference between Prime and regular shipments. They flow through our system the same way and the only difference is which truck picks it up and how we purchase the shipping labels (no difference to shippers or pickers). They have to ship same day or you simply buy a 1 day label instead.

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That's both creepy and unsurprising. Very cool

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What programming languages and/or frameworks does QuillBot use? I've been interested in learning ML.NET but I'm not sure i know enough base .NET to make it worth my time.

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Hello! Near where I live, Morel Mushrooms are very popular to pick and sell for a decent price around parts of the year.

What about them makes it so much harder to farm or grow them yourself? I understand the basics of mycology and have grown a few species myself but have never tried or looked into why Morels are often hunted for.