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come on, that's a cheap pop!

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it's def a fine line. Like, the part I was talking about. I think sometimes if it's harder to understand exactly what the singer is saying it makes it more interesting, makes you listen harder, it's like a puzzle your brain tries to figure out. The verse, "Mom i'm sorry for the pain I caused," kind of draws you in so maybe the first time you listen to the song you don't exactly know the line, but the second or third time you do.

I think the more original songs you do, you'll slowly start to phase out the style choices that work for other singers and without realizing focus on the stuff that fits you better. I'm interested in seeing how your next project plays out. The first album and first songs a person works on is almost like taking your first step, realizing you can literally do and go where ever you want as an artist.

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As you move forward with song writing, what is your song writing philosophy?

I went and watched a lot of your videos on youtube. I think you have a great voice. In your song 'to whom it may concern' from the full EP on your channel, at the 3:20 mark of that song, the transition was awesome. I think that's the kind of stuff the really gets people to pay attention and listen.

I think one of the hardest parts for singer songwriters is that people can't sing along if the artist goes all out vocally on the chorus so they seem to reverse it. Like the chorus is something people can sing along to and then the other verses they go hard.