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How's your weight?

EDIT: I just saw your photo. Fine, looks like.

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Jesus, why does Reddit have such a bug up its ass about this? The for-profit world features orders of magnitude more fraud than NGOs, where everyone is underpaid and the vast majority of people have opted to contribute to the world in exchange for less money.

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I turned on the A/C for a Hasidic family in Borough Park on a surprisingly warm Yom Kippur.

In case anybody is wondering about this, I'm pretty sure it's because this was an observant family and it was the Sabbath (of Sabbaths, as Yom Kippur is sometimes described). Observant Jews decline to operate electrical devices on the Sabbath.

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The Wikimedia Foundation is a good model for this. Imperfect, but I no group of humans is ever flawless.

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Do you own and operate any /r/TruckerCats?