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Thank you for the beautiful reply. I enjoy the way you write. And I'm happy that your last memory/moment is in the present.

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do you have some moments that stand out to you as an adult that you consider turning points/breakthroughs in moving past this? or any favorite moments in your life since this that you'd care to share?

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Oh I've been lucky enough to try one of those and loved it too! One of my previous bosses was French, and I asked him what he missed most while living in the US. He told me Reblochon (since you can't import it here). He ended up dying tragically, unfortunately. But years later, I was staying near France and remembered what he said, so I looked up where they made it. I happened to be driving distance from Annecy so of course I had to go try it. I liked it but ended up preferring some of the other cheeses there much more. Though tartiflette is delicious. Thanks for replying :) Bonsoir!

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what's your favorite fromage?

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what are some of your personal favorite aspects of the world today compared to the past?