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Jason, for you: The movie, by necessity, had to cut a lot of the parts of the book out, but in the process cut a lot of important bits. Specifically, the whole Ship of Theseus bit never became relevant because there was no body in the shed, Amy's character never got developed and she became the "he got the girl" device, and the shadow people from Vegas didn't come into play. Do you see the JDATE movie as a simplified version of the book, or do you see it as a completely different story?

For Don: How did your initial vision for the film change as you had to try and cram everything into one and half hours? How did you choose which parts you wanted to include most?

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To be fair, part of the reason that America could have more illegal drinking charges per capita is that driving is a much larger part of culture than anywhere else, same reason people will protest if you try to raise the driving age if you try to lower the drinking age.