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Are you lads ready for the session that's going to happen when this all blows over?

Great pub btw - congrats on having a small island of sanity along Thomas Street!

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I'm still hungover from it...

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So, Akamai got a /10 not too long ago. What gives?

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Thank you for reenforcing my view that all network engineers are basically alcoholics. Source: another network engineer.

Do you do anything special for pushing data across the satellite link? I'm assuming you tunnel everything in either UDP or that XCP. I'd imagine there's either a WAN accelerator and/or local proxy also just for sanity.

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Actually, I don't even drink. :)

My god, heathen!

We have an extensive QoS system in place, which we tweak as the season progresses and our scientific data requirements vary depending on what projects are active at the time.

I used to work extensively with WAN accelerators. They honestly do do good work with re-writing TCP to be just...better/faster.

Do you land all your traffic at a head office, or let your upstream do the routing for you?