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Rehabilitation should not be handled by the prison system. Rehabilitation is something that needs to take place outside of the prison system. It should also be guided by qualified individuals capable of addressing the underlying issues surrounding the offenders personal choices and habits that led to the initial offense.

The prison system itself should be focused purely on punishment, as that is its purpose.

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The rehabilitation process has to be started a tried before an offender even sets foot in a prison. The US has a terrible habit of slapping ridiculous prison sentences on people who actually need help.

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Personally, it saddens me to see the way some of these guys have ruined their live by using drugs. What makes it even more despairing is the fact that some of these guys can't stop, and prison isn't helping.

Like any other addiction, you have to treat it. You can't lock someone in a room for months or years and expect the addiction to go away. It's habit, both physical and psychological, and it has to properly be broken.

It took tons of self perseverance before I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. I can't imagine what the harder drugs do to you.

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A NORMAL day at work consists of lots of Reddit and watching the news with the inmates. It's highly dependent on what type of facility you work in. The style of my housing unit amounts to what is essentially daycare for offenders.

complacency kills though. These guys can and will snap at any point. We had an officer that works down in the kitchen gets his throat cut open years back. You always have to be on your toes.

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He "fell" out of his wheel chair and couldn't lift himself back up. Upon picking him up and helping him back into his chair, he proceeded to shit on me and said "I got you, you mother fucker! hahaha"