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It seems at least plausible that the officers involved might have been acting within the boundaries of their warrant and official procedures, and that the failures of justice might have been further upstream: falsified testimony to get a warrant, wildly dangerous procedures being authorized. If charges are brought, what is the most reasonable charge that might be brought and against whom? Were the officers on scene the same people who were responsible for the alleged shenanigans with the warrant?

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Considering that the lack of Bolivian radar, poor language skills, and weak or errant VOR facilities may all be implicated, it's not implausible that the Bolivian government would want this to remain an unsolved mystery even now. There's nothing in solving it that could benefit them.

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Would you inadvertently destroy civilization by creating penicillin resistance centuries before modern medicine came around to invent other antibiotics?

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You might be interested in the humantransit.org blog. The author dives in to some of these details. A big part of it is competing requirements of depth va breadth. Is the purpose of the transit system to provide mobility for the most number of people? If so you want breadth, with small lines to every corner of town. Maybe your goal is to replace vehicle traffic or have a system that generates the most revenue. Then you want frequency through dense corridors. Many bus systems were initially designed for breadth but are redesigned for depth as cities grow and traffic increases. Unfortunately removing even infrequent bus service from an area to add frequency somewhere else will cause lots of pushback from affected residents.

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How do you evaluate road and intersection layouts? Is there a simulator program? Games like Cities: Skylines gamify the concept, but I wonder if there's something comparable at the pro level.

Also, what makes a street a good candidate for a road diet? My town's main road is seven lanes wide and would be fine with two if retail driveways every half block and left turn lanes weren't a thing.

Also also, is there anyone that makes a smart traffic light that can evaluate traffic demand and adjust accordingly? A little Tesla-like camera on a few dozen poles and a central AI would seem a cheap way to improve flow compared to road widening.