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We’ve tried to step things back, I just always put pressure on myself to carry them forward. He gets hard at the drop of a hat, in literally any situation it seems. I always feel like I know he wants more and I need to provide it. One thing is that we never do seem to be intimate in any way that doesn’t end in, or at least pursue, an orgasm. I would love to just feel like we could make out (for example) like we did when we first started dating. Thank you for the advice! Looking forward to all of your future work.

HomostAccepted4 karma

Hey Jason! I’ve dealt with this problem for the last few years and it has been really tough. It feels like I’m making such little progress. I’m in my early 20s, with the same guy for 2 years. We entered an open relationship after the first year, feeling unfulfilled. I’ve found my problem seems to be intimacy with someone I really care about or am intimidated by (because they know my friends, are really attractive, etc). I’ve gotten into a funk of hooking up with lots of people to try to “prove” to myself that I’m not broken. My boyfriend is understanding but I get so stressed and anxious when we try to have sex. I’ve turned to Viagra to help me when I just can’t get past it and feel obligated to please him but I find the sex so unenjoyable. I, like you, had some bad initial experiences that feel like they’ve painted my whole future. It just feels so hopeless and when I’ve spoken to therapists, I haven’t felt helped at all. What should I do?