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Thanks for the AMA!!! C:S is awesome and you guys are awesome for making it.

1) Any plans on adding other public services to the game beyond garbage/water/power/health/police/fire, like postal services? I don't think I've seen a city builder with post offices before.

2) The districts in C:S are a great idea and something I think we'd all like to see expanded. Any insight about what we can expect in the future with districts, like entertainment district, museum district, European/W2W district, pedestrian only, national parks, historic district, etc.

3) 4-lane one way roads in the future? Yes/no? :)

4) Any plans to add more park options? Zonable parks, national parks, streams (drawable like paths), outdoor recreation, etc are just a couple ideas.

5) The european style W2W buildings are awesome! Can we expect any other world architectures to be represented in game? Asian, russian, middle eastern, etc.

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Train horns are only required at grade crossings, so some horns will still be required but will be required less and less over time as the grade crossings are separated. By the time HSR comes through, all of the grade crossings will have to be removed so there will be no more horns.

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Any chance that the grade crossings in Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale will get separated as part of the PCEP, or will this have to wait for HSR?

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Will any of the stations with shorter platforms (e.g., Sunnyvale) be lengthened to allow for longer 8-car EMU trains?


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I don't believe that is correct. There are federal laws that determine with the maximum train speed can be for at-grade crossings (I think it is around 100mph give or take), and there is no way that HSR can meet its legal obligations for maximum SF-LA trip time of 2hr40min if it has to slow down that much anywhere along the route. Grade separations are basically mandatory for HSR to be legally compliant with Prop 1A.